Within each man lives a MAGIC waiting to be brought forth into the world.

Power is not how much you can lift or how much money you make. Power is your capacity to hold within you a spark of the Divine Masculine and bring it forth to the world in all of its many expressions.

While the systematic suppression of the Divine Feminine is a pretty well documented golden thread throughout history, there’s been a far more subtle and much more hidden assault on another part of humanity.

That “assault” is the systematic destruction of men. REAL MEN. MAGICAL MEN.

How do you destroy a man? You simply destroy the boy before he has the opportunity to claim his power.

The ritual criminal abuse known as “circumcision” is where it begins for many. While having a young child experience a level of abuse that forever alters his psyche and the way he moves through the world, that is only one weapon in this assault on men.

When you artificially extend the childhood of a man using the schooling system, and create a set of obstacles of so little challenge or relevance that he is never required to dig deep within himself to overcome them, to fight through them, there is a good chance he will reach adulthood absent of the only true piece of knowledge he requires for his journey:

A deep understanding of WHO HE IS.

And should the system be successful at controlling the development of an emotionally immature child into the body of a grown adult, that man will never realize the potential he has to direct his creative capacity into its fullest expression on the physical plane.

  • He will not be able to do it in work.
  • He will not be able to do it in love.
  • He will not be able to do it at home with his family.

That relationship with the great and unknowable silence within that is POWER IN THE PRESENT MOMENT for a man will have never been accessed or developed. That greatest of masculine allies will be little more than a stranger he reads about in books or sees in movies about real heroes.

He will be a lost little boy looking for his mother to provide the love for him he never realized he could generate for himself.

This is how you destroy the polarity between lovers, how you erode the confidence the Divine Feminine has in the Divine Masculine for protection and support, how you program a man to trade his life away doing things he hates in exchange for money, how you turn the father of a household into a spineless, directionless force that stands for NOTHING.

This is not the true nature of the Magical Man. It is learned behavior.

And we have come to the point where it is time to UNLEARN what we have been taught.

The Magical Man choose a code by which to live and follows that code.

He asks for no permission, validation or approval to choose the contents of that code or the way it is embodied out in the world.

The Magical Man is, in fact, his own Universe, his own law form, judge, jury and executioner. He is capable of serving in all of the roles required for wholeness on the physical plane.

Perfection is not required. Self-responsibility, self-correction and commitment to his internal truth are the only necessary ingredients.

The source of this code comes from a place far deeper than thought, beyond the level of feeling, far past any stories of obstacles or difficulties in life.

The source of the code is only accessible by each man for himself. Finding it requires a man committed to taking the journey within himself to find the truth that the Matrix has worked so hard to hide.

Looking around, Magical Men are not in great supply at the moment.

But that is only because most have been put to sleep. They have been led to forget what is TRULY ALIVE inside them.

They have been disconnected from their MAGIC.

Should they discover that, should they activate THAT, the entire world will shift in a blink.